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 Give Smoove the max! (Almost)

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Give Smoove the max! (Almost) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Give Smoove the max! (Almost)   Give Smoove the max! (Almost) - Page 2 EmptyFri May 10, 2013 12:53 pm

TheMagnus wrote:
Richardale wrote:
I think the Hawks keep Smith and make a push to bring Dwight H. in next year? Buddy buddy from the sounds of it.


The Lakers amnesty Kobe, dump Gasol, sign both Dwight and Smith, then re-sign Kobe next summer.

I thought if a team amnesty a player they could'nt resign them?
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Give Smoove the max! (Almost) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Give Smoove the max! (Almost)   Give Smoove the max! (Almost) - Page 2 EmptyFri May 10, 2013 2:27 pm

Saint Louis wrote:

Sorry Mags, for re-quoting you. I agree with what you're saying. I'm re-quoting you to respond to Mu-Tang, another poster I usually admire tremendously. I hope you don't mind if I capitalize your "if" in my response.

MuTang! We already have Marvin Williams, who was supposed to be much better than Smith. Williams and Smith didn't turn out to be a combo that worked in Atlanta, and we got Williams sort of on the cheap side. It turned out Marvin Williams and Al Jefferson didn't combine into a combo that was any better. We're about to let Al Jefferson go, and you want to pick up Josh Smith (who may be trying to get more than Jefferson)? I'm not sure what Mag meant when he said Josh Smith would be "worth 12-14 Mil a year if he was in a good place mentally," but, I assure you Josh Smith would not be happy playing in Utah with a low-ball contract for any length of time. There is no way Smith would come here unless we overpaid him-- and even then, at best, he would only play as well as he can. Josh Smith is an opportunistic player that makes the most of his time on court by shooting the ball every time he has the chance-- his percentages aren't that good, but his point totals add up to something substantial even though his team loses.

I thought ATL's reliance on Josh Smith was one of the reasons you wanted to fire Ty Corbin for doing the same thing with Al Jefferson. I didn't realize you started the whole "Fire Corbin" thing, but, that doesn't matter. I thought the whole "Fire Corbin" buzz was about Ty giving too much time to vet players (Mo-Will, Foye, Marvin Williams, Millsap, and Big Al) as opposed to our rookies and developing players (Burks, Heyhay, DC, Evans, Favors, and Kanter). I'm pretty sure that's what the argument was. Correct me if I'm wrong (but, I've tried to be faithful to this forumotion website all year-long, and, I don't think I've missed anything that would contradict what I'm saying). And, you are now saying we should bring in Smith (who isn't as talented as Big Al [IMO] to be our... our what? Our PF? Our slightly undersized Center?

Magnus had it right a couple of pages ago. But, Magnus pointed out Smith would be okay for Utah only IF his mental disposition was right for Utah. If Smith came to Utah, the only acceptable disposition would be for him to say, "Yeah, I'll do whatever it takes to win a championship-- even if I make much less than the current market is willing to pay me."

First off, what we found actually was that Al Jefferson doesn't work well with anyone, except maybe Foye. Thats the first thing. Everyone else's skills are mitigated playing with him, and so I'm definitely against resigning him. Secondly, I believe hands down Josh Smith is "worth" more than Al Jefferson as far as contracts. is a difference maker and one is a phenomenal low post scorer.

Josh Smith. ABSOLUTELY want him. He is a 5 category player, and he IS a difference maker. He blocks shots, he steals the ball, he's a great rebounder, he's a very good passer. Those things alone make it worth it. He's also a great finished and slasher, and has seriously limited his 3pt launching from his early days. And if Al Jeff is gone, and our team here now has a bunch of guys that move the ball, score off cuts/open man and ball movement, then yes I think Josh Smith is perfect in that.

I dont understand your argument about Marvin/Al/Josh etc. Marvin was a gamble that he'd be better somewhere else. What we found, and what Corbin rode to DEATH, was Marvin being just a spot up shooter made him invisible. Once Corbin too late moved Marvin to the bench, he played very well. And that bench was a peak into what this team can be next year: guys that look for the open man, lots and lots of movement, and no just dumping it into the post every time.

How can you say ATL relied on Josh Smith, AND how can you compare that to Al Jeff/Corbin? ATL had Horford in the post, and Teague and Devin running around doing their thing. Really there's no comparison. And there was no relying on Josh either because he needed to be in the games. The other stuff you said about JS being an opportunistic player always shooting seems like you're just guessing verse actually watching Hawks games. I watched alot of them and I do not agree with your assessment at all. He's never been even a regular high-twenties scorer, he's always been a 17/10/4/3/2 type player.

My argument with Corbin was that he relied WAY too much on vets (Al/Watson/Tinsely mostly), but more importantly had all the wrong combinations on the court together. The team was never balanced with their skill sets.

I think you've made quite a few assumptions on what Josh Smith will or wont do. None of us know that. But i can be pretty sure he's going to end up with a very healthy contract regardless.

So we're clear this is my ideal situation this summer and new starting lineup:

PG= Mo Williams. Most likely. Also, with a new group I think he'd be better. Teague would be nice.
SG= Gordon Hayward. Easy, and SG is his best position.
SF= Josh Smith.
PF= Paul Millsap. Two undersized PF's who CAN play SF to man the two forward spot.
C= Derrick Favors. Tremendous/nasty defensive team, especially the bigs.

First off the Bench:

PG= Rookie and also Burks
SG= Burks and Foye(Korver)
SF= Marvin. It's likely.
PF/C= Kanter.

That team is nasty, LOTS of ball movement, ZERO standing around at all. Skills utilized and balanced. We'd lead the league in blocked shots probably rebounds, and there would be no layups going on. But also, these are guys who dont just block shots, but they can defend. Gordo on the other wing is a great defender too. This team would make the biggest leap ever next year compared to this past one. Burks and Underkanter would jump up to high twenties minutes for the first time ever, and put up starting type stats. Thats a flat out nasty team with no deficiences: outside shooting, great passers, great rebounding, solid defensive team, scoring inside and out, offensive rebounding and a bunch of guys that create turnovers. Remember Paul being like in the top ten in steals? You know who else is? JSmith. And Kanter is the first big off the bench? BRUTAL!
I mean, I would DIE and go to heaven if that team was put together. Teams would HATE playing Utah once again.

I dont think Josh Smith has any issues. I think he's tired of ATL, tired of being a EXTREMELY average team and he needs a new squad. He also should not be the main guy, and this would then make it so we have 5 or more equally "main" guys. It would be dreamy.
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Give Smoove the max! (Almost)
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