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 Splitter Could Be a Key Factor in a Spurs win over Grizz

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PostSubject: Splitter Could Be a Key Factor in a Spurs win over Grizz   Sat May 18, 2013 8:05 am

I will probably be wrong, but I am speculating that Splitter could be a key factor in this next series --- a Spurs win over Grizz imho. A couple of years ago I did quite a bit of research on Splitter and discovered that he and Marc Gasol were born a few weeks apart and that the two had a very spirited and close rivalry over many years in European basketball. They were the two best centers in Europe. In head to head matchups, Splitter sometimes got the best of Gasol or played him even. If I recall correctly, Splitter even won some kind of league award ahead of Gasol. (I would look up my old post that contained the info on their rivalry, but Yahoo NBA forums were completely wiped out in early April without notice and no old posts are recoverable.)

Of course I am aware that Gasol has since blown up to an NBA All Star and that he now has a big weight advantage over Splitter as well, but old rivalries die hard. I thought Pop made a big mistake in the Grizz vs Spurs playoff series two seasons ago, when he barely let Splitter have a crack at Gasol, with Splitter not even getting off the bench during the first three games, while Blair and Bonner got the minutes in a series that the Spurs lost 4-2. Well Splitter is probably going to see plenty of his old European rival this series, and I am guessing that Splitter does better than people expect, his lackluster playoff performance in the first two rounds notwithstanding. I predict he turns out to be a key factor in a Spurs' series victory. Just my humble speculation, and as usual, I reserve the right to be wrong!

I am also looking for Kawhi Leonard to have another good series. Whereas Tim Duncan is "The Big Fundamental", I think Kawhi Leonard is rapidly developing in to "The Midsize Fundamental". Laughing
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Splitter Could Be a Key Factor in a Spurs win over Grizz
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